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ダイキムジカ D-neo 第24弾 『mahoroba』  The Tree of Life
DNCD-24 税抜2,500円+税




ダイキムジカ D-neo 第24弾 『mahoroba』  The Tree of Life




1.mahoroba (Daiki Yasukagawa)4:44 PC♪ スマホ♪
2.Fall (Hitomi Nishiyama) 5:22 PC♪ スマホ♪
3.Theme From Schindler's List (John Williams) 7:44 PC♪ スマホ♪
4.Tree blowing in the wind (maiko) 6:03 PC♪ スマホ♪
5.Moon Door (Hitomi Nishiyama ) 6:49 PC♪ スマホ♪
6.Southern Stars (Hitomi Nishiyama) 5:45 PC♪ スマホ♪
7.Refrain (Daiki Yasukagawa) 4:37 PC♪ スマホ♪
8.Light in the Dark (maiko) 7:52 PC♪ スマホ♪
9.Pico (Hitomi Nishiyama) 3:54 PC♪ スマホ♪
10.Nocturne No.1 (Daiki Yasukagawa) 4:21 PC♪ スマホ♪

Total Time 57:27

Recorded on Sep.30th 2020 at Studio Happiness
Engineer :Ryota Murayama ( Studio Happiness)
Piano Tuner : Nami Hanaki
Mixed and Mastered by Eiji Hirano ( Studio Happiness)
Exective Producer : Daiki Yasukagawa ( DAIKI MUSICA INC. )
Art Direction & Design by Tadashi Kitagawa ( Kitagawa Design Office )

Very special thanks to All people who listen to this CD.



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